The All-in-one Induction, Training, Onboarding and Compliance Solution for your Business.

 SeamsCloud LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that manages your employee life-cycle from start to finish.  Our LMS makes it easy for you to streamline the employee hiring process forever.


View case-study : How Applegreen saved 80% cost in staff training with Seamscloud LMS

For companies who have a high staff turnover or multi-branch locations, managing staff compliance and training is no easy task.

But now it's possible to cost-effectively train every employee regardless of geographical location on a continual basis using a cloud-based learning management system.

It's extremely efficient and you can save up to 80% on your traditional training costs.

For more background, read how Applegreen use Seamscloud LMS for HR, Induction, Compliance and Training management.

Staff Induction

Train new employees faster and more efficiently by allowing them to take their induction training before they even start on day one.

Employee Training

Gives your employees the access and ability to take their required training anytime, anywhere and on any type of device 24 hours per day.

Staff Onboarding

Statisitics show that a sustained period of onboarding for 12 months which provides regular upskilling and training content engages and retains employees.

Staff Compliance 

By assigning, tracking and validating the learning outcomes of your employee training, you can manage your business compliance with ease.

Why Choose SeamsCloud LMS?

Easily assign, track & manage multiple users by location

Access to a database of audit ready training records

Reduce training time & cost of existing & seasonal staff

Scalable pricing plan means you only pay by user

Easily assign, track & manage multiple location training

Ensure service level consistency across all sites

What Customers Say About SeamsCloud LMS...

"SeamsCloud Learning Management Sytem  has changed the way we train our staff, they now have 24/7 access to their training modules, the company handbook and much more, so they have everything they need at their fingertips to progress as individuals and improve on their daily performance within Meade Potato Company. ".

Stephanie Cluskey - L&D Coordinator
Meade Potato Company.

 "We find SeamsCloud LMS extremely cost effective. It more than covers our training requirements and it's really easy to create courses, sessions and user profiles. Since launching the LMS, our learners have found the system easy to use. Assigning and tracking training is now much more efficient".

Christine Moore - Training Manager
The Convention Centre Dublin.

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