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Here's What Our Customers Say...

"SeamsCloud LMS has changed the way we train our staff, they now have 24/7 access to their training modules, the company handbook and much more, so they have everything they need at their fingertips to progress as individuals and improve on their daily performance within Meade Potato Company. "

Stephanie Cluskey - L&D Coordinator
Meade Potato Company.

 "We find SeamsCloud LMS extremely cost effective. It more than covers our training requirements and it's really easy to create courses, sessions and user profiles. Since launching the LMS, our learners have found the system easy to use. Assigning and tracking training is now much more efficient".

Christine Moore - Training Manager
The Convention Centre Dublin.

Why Choose SeamsCloud LMS?

Accelerate Staff Training

Easily train large volumes of staff whilst ensuring your business lowers churn and retains staff.

Online Training Delivery

HR teams can easily assign,track and validate online training across multiple locations from head office.

Cut Training Costs

Save between 60% and 80% on standard training costs and procedures. Paperless digital processes replace paper elements.

Employee Engagement

Keep your workforce engaged and give them the skills to thrive in a fast moving retail enviroment.

Training Anytime, Anywhere

results show that by making training content available on demand, the training happens outside of business hours 60% of the time. 

Service Level Consistency

Ensure all employees are trained to the highest standard across locations ensuring brand consistency and reputation.

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