Webinar: Gamification for employee induction & engagment with Demo

See how interactive e-learning can supercharge your corporate learning and employee on-boarding.

Webinar date : 18'th September 2019 ( Wed) , 11:00 - 11:45  AM IST(Dublin)
Where : Zoom details will be emailed 

Webinar Hosts - get to know us better!

Andrine Mendez

Digital Strategy & Podcaster at HR Wire. 

John owens

Head of Sales at Seamscloud LMS

View case-study : How Applegreen saved 80% cost in staff training with Seamscloud LMS

For companies who have a high staff turnover or multi-branch locations, managing staff compliance and training is no easy task.

But now it's possible to cost-effectively train every employee regardless of geographical location on a continual basis using a cloud-based learning management system.

It's extremely efficient and you can save up to 80% on your traditional training costs.

For more background, read how Applegreen use Seamscloud LMS for HR, Induction, Compliance and Training management.

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